No matter what kind of repair you need mechanical or pool, call us for a free inspection visit.

Problems with your pump or sand filter, we keep most commonly used items in stock, and if not we can order things in within a couple of days. 

You have noticed your pool is losing water, and you dont know why or where.

Call us for a free inspection visit, this consists of us coming out to your property, looking for the most common problems and if necessary pressure testing of the pipes (there is a small charge for the testing, however take the repair through us and we will give you your money back).

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From Pipe repairs to cracked pools – we have all the solutions.

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Removal of rust spots and regrouting.

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Pool Re Levelling

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We take your ideas and turn them into a reality with over 25 years experience we pride ourselves on clean, effecient workmanship. We provide affordable yet beautiful pools and designs. Read more!

PMS Pool Service

Need a one off clean, or going on holiday, maybe you only spend 6 months of the year in Spain. Whatever your needs give us a call. Chemical testing on site or in the shop also available. Read more!

The Shop

Visit our shop, talk to someone who can advise and if needed arrange a home visit, with both English and Spanish speaking staff, and Google translate for everyone else - We can help you. Read more!