Other Services we offer

Booking and taking classes

We believe in sharing knowledge and by offering classes, it gives you the opportunity to learn and understand your pool with the safety of the professionals at hand, this is done one to one and at your pool. We will teach you everything you need to know to not only keep your pool beautiful and sparkling, but chemically safe.

We are also available after the classes are finished for as long as you need us  on hand for if anything unexpected throws you off course. Examples of this include what to do with the Sahara sand and how to keep your water good if you are without the pump for a day or two.

Included in the price of the classes are several laminated hand outs to keep safely with the pool that will act as a quick reminder guide for those slightly overwhelming days, you have as many or as little number of classes as you see fit to do the job without panic, and we will still be on the end of a phone.


Pool Contracts (Short & Long Term)

Going away on holiday for a couple of weeks or months, just need a summer contract or getting over a stay in hospital whatever the reason and however much time no problem. We also have a small portfolio of Communal and Public pools we care for.

Other Services we offer

Chemical Cleans

Pool Opening and Closing

Pool Side Testing

Products Delivered to your Door


We take your ideas and turn them into a reality with over 25 years experience we pride ourselves on clean, effecient workmanship. We provide affordable yet beautiful pools and designs. Read more!

PMS Pool Service

Need a one off clean, or going on holiday, maybe you only spend 6 months of the year in Spain. Whatever your needs give us a call. Chemical testing on site or in the shop also available. Read more!

The Shop

Visit our shop, talk to someone who can advise and if needed arrange a home visit, with both English and Spanish speaking staff, and Google translate for everyone else - We can help you. Read more!