How to Maintain your own Pool

How to Maintain your own Pool



Basic Pool Care Schedule


  • Look at the water, notice the clarity and color.
  • Test the chlorine level and adjust if needed.
  • Test the pH and adjust if needed.
  • Examine the skimmer(s) and clean if needed.
  • Use a leaf rake to remove any surface debris.



  • Clean out the pump strainer basket(s).
  • Brush and/or vacuum the entire pool or run pool cleaner.
  • Check the filter pressure and backwash/clean the filter if needed.
  • Test the PH level and adjust if needed.
  • Test the CH level and adjust if needed.
  • Check the water level and add water if needed.



This schedule is a good starting point, but every pool will be a little different. As you become familiar with your pool you may find that some tasks can be done less often while others need to be done more frequently. How frequently you need to do some of the tasks will also vary by season.



Looking at the water can tell you a lot about how your pool is doing. The color of the water and how sparkling or dull it appears can tell you in an instant if there is a problem that needs attending to. Look at the water every day and watch for small variations in clarity and color. You may not be able to tell much at first, but after a while you should be able to tell if there is a problem at a glance.








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