Swimming Pool Constructions

So you have decided to have a pool installed. So what is the next steps, here we will guide you through the process of what you should think about, expect and get.


Design – What shape pool to have.

Other designs are available or better still you can design your own and we can build it.

Space User Free Form L shaped with extras Oblong with Roman Steps Kidney with seating area JacuzziOblong with Corner Steps Free Form Rectangle Oblong wIth Curved end Kidney Shape

Possible additional extras.

Jacuzzi Led Coloured Lighting Led Coloured Lighting Led Coloured LightingPool Heater Self Testing and Dosing Chemical Equipment  Seating and Beds (with or without the Jacuzzi, this pool also has self cleaning sy Child´s Pool within the Pool Elephant steps to divide areas Fountain Natural Waterfall with Neck MassageHard Casing Roofing to Save Heat Summer Bubble CoverWinter Cover

Other thing to think about consist of Automatic filling systems, Swimming Machine and  Pool Maintenance, whatever may be on your mind thats what we are here for – to talk through your options and decide on the things that suit not only your dreams and desires but more importantly your budget.

Other PicturesIMG_0131013bcbcb4360be5110e6aef81378d7e18f7fe179d7

The Pictures available for swimming pools come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, from dolphins, and whales, to Football teams and The Simpsons, if you have something different in mind just ask.

The Paperwork. Once you have decided you want a swimming pool built by us, what´s next, well once you have signed the contract and paid the initial deposit you can expect a visit from out Architect who will do all the plans and submit to the local Town Hall of where the work is to be done (this process normally takes about one month) once we have received the  paperwork back and signed and stamped we are ready to start excavating.  

The Construction Process.

This is a step by step guide as to what happens from the point of recieving all the paperwork back from the town hall.

Firstly we Excavate, (firstly by Machine and then by hand to ensure we have the correct size and depth).

IMG_1411 IMG_0719  image (4) IMG_0119

Then we place the structure of the pool.

The Blockwork

IMG_0129  IMG_0099IMG_0382

The Metalwork

IMG_1062  IMG_2332IMG_0367

The Pipework

IMG_0962 IMG_0965 IMG_0232

The added Extras (Steps, Seating area, Jacuzzis)

IMG_1235 IMG_1234 IMG_0187

The Gunning of the Pool

IMG_0394 IMG_0967 IMG_0177

The Tiling

 IMG_1303 IMG_1248

The Coronation or surround of Pool

IMG_0247 IMG_0105IMG_0454

Other options are available (for example)

IMG_0006 IMG_1851 IMG_0027 IMG_1121

 IMG_1257 IMG_1259IMG_0131

Then last but not least before filling, the filteration system

IMG_0172 IMG_1461

Let us have the worries and you have the dreams.

Machinary needs to get to differcult places
You have a broken or cracked pool insitu
Trees need move and replanting Trees need move and replanting
Removal of old pool
Taking away of old pool

You should end up with something looking like this.




Swimming pool constructions in the whole Murcia region of Spain


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